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To eliminate or reduce the possibility of staining it is essential that your floors be properly protected with a good quality impregnator or sealer. An impregnator/sealer is a chemical that penetrates the floor and helps to repel water, dye, dirt, and other substances from causing a stain.

High speed buffing should be done on a regular basis. Once the finish starts to dull it takes three to four times longer to bring it back. Your polishing schedule will be determined by how well the floor is cared for on a daily basis and the level of traffic on the floor.

Large commercial floor areas will be washed nightly with an auto-scrubber and polished at 2,000 r.p.m. with a propane buffer.

Before Stripping & Refinishing

After Stripping & Refinishing


At CleanPro, our professional teams use only the best commercial floor cleaning equipment available.

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