The CleanPro® process will clean your Concrete floors and provide a protective Epoxy Paint coating or We can offer a clear coat.

Before / After


Special attention will be given to any area that needs to be taped off and protected. All spots, stains, and marks will be pretreated with a chemical solvent to help remove them before machine cleaning. Any areas needing grinding will be done before the cleaning.

Machine Cleaning

Small projects will be done using 160lb.Mercury 175 r.p.m. floor scrubber equipped with a .46 grit silicon tynex brush. This stiff nylon brush with different length bristles will completely strip the floor removing all dirt and grime. All edges and corners will be hand scrubbed. This cleaning method will not harm the concrete flooring and all of the cleaning chemicals are biodegradable and environmentally safe. After the concrete floors are stripped clean all of the solutions are removed. The floors are then given a complete mopping and thorough rinse.

Large projects will be cleaned using a propane stripping machine. This 400 lb. machine has 3 tynex stiff bristle brushes. At 1100 r.p.m. the brushes will strip the concrete removing dirt and grime. All petroleum based stains will be treated with the proper removers.

If epoxy paint is to be used the floors will be acid etched using muriatic acid. This will open the pores of the cement for maximum epoxy adhesion.

Floors should dry for at least 7 days before a sealer or epoxy can be applied.


When the concrete floors have completely dried they are vacuumed with an Electrolux Olympia Vacuum cleaner with a 3 layer dust filter. This will insure a clean floor for the application of the concrete sealers and Epoxy Paints.


Option #1 Now that the concrete floors are clean and dust free the first coat of Concrete seal will be applied. This sealer will take approximately 20-30 minutes to dry. A second coat will then be applied to all the flooring. As the porosity of concrete varies additional coats may be needed.

Option #2 would be the application of an Epoxy Paint instead of a sealer and finish coats. 

Concrete will need to be “acid etched” to achieve maximum epoxy paint adhesion.

CleanPro also offers regular cleaning services for all your Epoxy and Concrete Flooring

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