The CleanPro ceramic tile and grout cleaning process will clean your floors and we can provide a protective sealer.

Before/ After Tile & Grout Cleaning


Special attention will be given to all areas that need to be taped off and protected. Spots, stains, and black heel marks will be hand scrubbed and scraped to remove all blemishes possible. A solution will be mopped onto the floor to loosen all the dirt and grime.

Machine Stripping

All flooring and grout lines will be machine stripped using a 160lb.Mercury 175 r.p.m. floor scrubber equipped with a .46 grit silicon tynex brush. This stiff nylon brush with different length bristles will completely strip the floor and grout removing all wax, grime, and grease. All grout lines will be hand stripped to insure the cleanest grout possible. All edges and corners will be hand stripped and scraped .

Cleanup and Rinse

After the floors are stripped clean all of the solutions are removed. The floors are then given a complete mopping and thorough rinse with neutralizing solution.


When the floors have completely dried they are vacuumed with an Electrolux Olympia Vacuum cleaner with a 3 layer dust filter. This will insure a perfectly clean floor for the application of our grout sealers . (Optional)

Sealing (Optional)

Now that all the floors are clean and dust free a coat of Spartan Grout Sealer will be applied. This coat will take approximately 20-30 minutes to dry.

Our Commercial and Residential Tile and Grout Restoration  is suited for Entrance Ways, Locker Rooms, Kitchens,  and Lobbies. Many industries such as Hospitals, Schools, Manufacturing Facilities, Office Buildings, Supermarkets, and Restaurants can benefit from our Commercial Tile and Grout Restoration Services.

Contact us with any questions or problems concerning your Connecticut floor cleaning, commercial and residential floor stripping, floor refinishing, and contract floor maintenance needs.