Mexican Tile and Terra Cotta

 Floor Stripping and Refinishing

PREPARATION: Special attention will be given to all areas that need to be taped off and protected. Paint spots, stains, and black heel marks will be hand scrubbed and scraped to remove all blemishes possible. 

MACHINE CLEANING : All Mexican Tile and Terra Cotta flooring will be machine stripped using a 160lb. Mercury 175 r.p.m. floor scrubber equipped with a
silicon tynex brush. This stiff nylon brush with different length bristles will completely strip the floor removing all wax, dirt, and grime. All edges and corners will be hand scrubbed. This cleaning method will not harm the Mexican Tile or Terra Cotta flooring and all of the cleaning chemicals are biodegradable and environmentally safe. 

                 Any flooring  with a Urethane base coating will need to be stripped using Zip-Strip.

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CLEANUP AND RINSE: After the Mexican Tile or Terra Cotta floors are stripped clean all of the solutions are removed. The floors are then given a complete mopping and thorough rinses.

VACUUMING: When the floors have completely dried they are vacuumed with an Electrolux Olympia Vacuum cleaner with a 3 layer dust filter. This will insure a perfectly clean floor for the application of the  sealers and finishes.

FINISHING: Now that  the floors are clean and dust free the first coat of Spartan Shineline Sealer will be applied. This coat will take approximately 20-30 minutes to dry. The second coat of Spartan Terra Glaze will then be applied to the Mexican Tile, or Terra Cotta flooring.  As the porosity of Mexican Tile, Brick, and Terra Cotta flooring varies, additional coats may be needed or the floor may need to be buffed at 2000 r.p.m. to achieve maximum shine. All services will be provided in a  professional manner.  Scratches, discolored tiles, and severe stains will not be removed.   

Terra Glaze is an acrylic polymer seal developed exclusively for use on stone flooring. A 25% solids metal interlock formulation, Terra Glaze conditions, seals, and protects the natural beauty of stone. Once applied, Terra Glaze becomes a hard, tough seal that combats stone's inherent susceptibility to damage and deterioration due to abrasion, scratching, scuffing, and wear. The formula's one-coat and quick-drying features reduce costly downtime and inconvenience, resulting in labor savings.

To Learn About Spartan Terra Glaze

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The CleanPro® process will clean and shine your


 floors as well as providing a protective finish.


    Before Stripping Process              After Stripping and Finish Coats

  Before Stripping Process              After Stripping and Finish Coats


 Before Stripping Process              After Stripping and Finish Coats



 Before Stripping Process              After Stripping and Finish Coats



Before Stripping and Grout Coloring            After Grout Coloring and Finish Coats



Before Stripping and Grout Coloring           After Grout Coloring and Finish Coats



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